Dec. 28, 2021


HOW many of us in this lifetime has had some form of regret?

whether it be a relationship, job or a number of other things the list can go on for hours.

This year has taught me we cannot live in regret, we have to do just that live life is not promised to any of us.

live in the moment with no regrets or loses these two years of the pandemic has had us in fear and lack of human compassion and touch.

There have been more loses of life than I ever thought I would see from friends and big-time stars; how can we keep living in fear and not live to our full purpose.

We can no longer on the island of regret and doubt we must as human beings start living.

going into fulfilling our dreams and goals, God gives us the breath of life to be able to live in our purpose. life is to be lived and impressed.

So go live life up in your gifts with no regrets!!!