Serects(Do we keep them?)
 The definition of the word Something kept hidden or unexplained.

The word to me means something you take with you even if it costs you.

Secrets for many have a price lots of times secrets are kept to protect someone or their feelings or yours.

We often seem to keep secrets because of some bet or dare.

Some secrets are kept to cover up a form of family trauma or pain.

I have kept secrets to protect a friend's privacy, and I had a friend protect me from the person who raped me after running into him in passing, thank the stars he didn't remember me.

Secrets can destroy others if told and save others when you don't give up what was shared with you in confidence.

I have watched some have their reputations tarnished.

What I am getting at is sometimes things done in secret or to keep a secret can destroy you mentally, bearing someone else burden can be both hard and damaging.

So if you don't want to feel the weight of the world keeping a secret then it's best to not know the secret in the first place.

Somethings are best left not known.