(What or who inspires you?)

I have pondered this question for a couple of weeks but didn't know how to start. 

For me, many things can inspire me in a conversation or even a word.

Once upon a time, there was even a person who was my muse so to speak who gave me inspiration for not just publishing my books of poetry but even became a villain in my play.

Inspiration can come from things or being in nature, or finding a happy medium to find what inspires you to write, paint, or be creative in any art form you have been blessed with.

You can even sometimes find inspiration in the most uncommon things.

Inspiration has pretty much saved me from bad thoughts and making bad decisions.

I want whoever reads this today to know you can b inspired each and every day just by having positive people in your life and in your corner, to inspire you to keep being the artist, writer, singer creative that the highest has called you to be.

Keep moving into your season of joy and inspiration and each day smile knowing you have created something to bring the world joy.