Humble (Remain Humble)
   Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.

I see myself some days in this light and other days not so much.

It is one thing to be prideful and have an ego, it's a totally another thing to be humble.

I have learned in my years that it's much more to life then to brag about what you haven't or what you have done.

Much more than not it's a whole nother ball game to be humble.

I try my best in life to not want attention for things I do for others because it is what I am suppose to do.

No need for confirmation or praise it is done from my heart.

I stay humble because of those things.

The world has become obessed with being seen and heard, no one is doing things for the sack of being kind.

I feel most of the time people have forgotten how to be humble.

I am just one person trying to make the world a better place one post at a time.

I will remain humble because it is my choice.