Feeling that one is in a state of uncertainty between two conflicting options or parties.

It has taken me over a month to post because as I always say if I don't feel it I won't write.

This word torn has me in my feelings today and I will explain why.

My Aunt has been gone for almost six months this month, and I am torn between anger for the way she was treated in both life and death. but I am also torn because I still want to fight for her and her honor.

My couisn and I are fighting to make a fifteen year wrong right.

I am torn because once again my so called family is still living life like it's normal for her not to be here.

I start back to therapy tomorrow for this reason.

I am torn between my loss and what is right.

How my family became so bougie that they can just keep moving like a piece of them is not missing.

Torn because I don't understand why people though my aunt was invisible in life and now that she's gone in flesh she's still invisible even in death.

I saw my aunt every week and talked to her every week, So I saw her the same way she saw me.

Torn because how is it people are so quick to forget and move on and not remember from where and who they came from.

I will keep the faith and remember that I serve a higher power that is helping me keep from being torn and begin to mend my broken heart.

Never be torn with what is right and in your heart to pursue.