Comfort. Zone(Take the leap)

I don't believe in new resolutions so I didn't feel the need to do one.

I thought long and hard before I decided to write this post.

Throughout the last three years, I have grown comfortable with the same situation of my life route.

I have come to be in a comfort zone of the same thing over and over.

Afraid to move out of it because I'm afraid to be successful in this writing thing.

Let me explain I have had no true training in this thing called writing, I have been writing and creating short stories and plays pretty much since junior high school.

It was something that came naturally to me and I would do it basically because it was an outlet.

Fast forward I entered a playwright contest in 1997 and I was rejected therefore I quit writing.

Years went by because I was once again in my comfort zone and wanted to read anything from a high school dropout with a culinary certification.

I got a GED and no other form of higher education.

So In 2003, I sent a play to Oprah Winfrey at the time was looking for new talent.

Three weeks later a reject letter came in the mail.

Once again it took me three years to write again got caught up in that comfort zone and rejection.

Then I got a tip from a friend that Tyler Perry was also looking for new talent and again got a rejection.

At this point, my self-esteem in my ability as a storyteller and writer is at an all-time low.

My aunt and my grandmothers were my three biggest supporters, so I kept writing.

So I said all that to make a very important point take the leap and do what feels right to you.

Writing brings me joy and peace and through my blog, I have gotten so many positive comments and emails from people who can relate to everything I talk about and write.

I am tired of my comfort zone and 2024 is my year to take the leap and do what I know how to do best, tell my truth, and reach as many people as I can doing it.

Comfort zone no more just leap toward freedom, truth and happiness.