Be Encouraged

I was sitting and thinking about all that was happening in the world.

We could all use a little encouragement.

 Words for me come quickly and it's easy for me to express myself through those words. Other people can be making music or art, spoken word whatever others think we need to see or hear.

Be encouraged to keep doing what it is that gives you joy and peace.

The news doesn't give too many heartwarming stories anymore all we see is death and violence, well there is more to the world than that.

People who still believe in expressing kindness, love, and genuine warmth.

Be encouraged to know you are enough and that you and your thoughts matter.

Be encouraged to know that I see you and hear you, you and I are a blessing to this universe and wonderful things are coming.

Be encouraged to live the life you deserve and be free to be who you are despite others' opinions of what society says you should be.

Be encouraged to breathe them in the wonderful creation of the forest and trees.

Be encouraged to laugh with those who feel your heart and soul with joy.

Be encouraged and know you are loved and I see you.