I have been thinking over the last few days

about how we as human beings have been putting more trust in things and social media than we trust each other.

I personally can relate because I trust none of what I see and half of what I hear.

I have the type of person who will trust you to a point until you cross me to not be able to trust you.

Trust is like the respect it must be earned.

I tend to attract people in my life who like me have been broken, the problem is that two broke pieces can't be fixed if they don't trust each other to do so.

We all have been disappointed by someone we thought we could trust.

As humans, we tend to let each other down

and sometimes we can't be trusted or trusted for that matter.

What I have learned is this when your inner voice is telling you to let that wall down to be able to trust enough to see that there are some good people walking the earth.

Trust that it will all turn around.

Life gives us many tests and we must pass them all. so before you judge a book by the cover open it and see the wonders of trust through the pages.

I trust more now than I did a year ago because I have met some beautiful spirits lately and I am grateful to share the same space with so many like-minded people.