The throwing back a body of light, heat or sound without absorbing it.

I thought about this definition alot before deciding to write about the subject of reflection.

Now I will chime in on the other side of this word, that which you don't see in your mirror.

Serious thought or consideration

this is the meaning that I find the most interresting because.

I look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman who has made it over time and time again.

What you don't see is the young girl who has see her share of hurt and pain, the young woman who survived a few abusive relationships and has both the mental and physcial scars from both.

Relfections of a past I choose not to look back at but it has made me reflect on what I have overcome.

Reflection of the generational curses that me and my sisters have made it through as to not have my nieces and nephew endure the same.

Reflection of me being able to write my thoughts out to not just help me but others who maybe going through something.

Reflect on how I saw myself through other's eyes and didn't like the reflection of who they thought I should be to please them and lose myself in their reflection of me.

Reflection of stepping out on faith and starting a blog because I was drowning in my pain and needed an outlet.

A year and a half later I'm still reflecting on the journey but now my purpose is to help others heal through my travel through life.

This post for me is more powerful than any other post, because I had to step away form the reflection in the mirror.

Deep soul seraching took place to write this because I had to consider the serious thought of how I saw myself.

For years in my youth I did a lot to be liked, seen, and wanted.

The reflection of self-doubt was there to a powerful degree but I have learned that until you see you for you, doesn't matter what other people see.

Your reflection is for you to heal all that you have gone through without question.

Reflection of self can give you the push you need to keep living in the purpose God has for you.

Reflect on all things positive and see how your life changes.