The start-over season

                   (The blessings in starting over)
If you believe in the Zodiac signs and what each one represents then you'll understand where I'm about to go with this one.

I firmly believe in the Astrology part of things, and

we can begin to start anew with each season.

I have been doing a lot these past few months in my apartment and these changes for me to walk into my start-over season.

I am in receiving my blessing in starting over.

Nothing does the mind or the body good than doing something to help push you into that start-over season letting go of things that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life or home.

So right before my Birthday on Thursday, June 8th, I redid my whole bedroom from taking old pictures down to a new headboard, anything that was negative, and, everything that was from the past relationship I thought I was in for twelve years is gone.

My start-over season brings me a greater purpose and a new life.

We can sometimes have a hard time letting go of things and people who no longer serve a positive purpose in our lives.

These past three years have taught me that it is alright to let go and move on.

The start-over season is for us to grow into who we were meant to be.

 No more shackles to hold your bond to someone or something that does not bring happiness or joy into you or your life.

Blessings in starting over are being free of all that held you down.

Walk into your start-over season with your head high and joy no one can ever take away.

The start-over season for you has come so go be great in your winning season.