The Journey

                     (Your Walk)

I have been reflecting on a few things this week and one of those things was.

The journey we are all meant to go on in life.

Your walk into that journey is up to you and the steps you take, we will always make mistakes along the way, but we can't stop the trip because we don't know where it may lead us.

 The journey is for you to see how far you have come from where you have been.

My walk has led me to a great hurt and trial that I didn't think I would ever recover from.

The journey was also not meant for you to travel alone, you need a great support group to keep you on track.

Inspiration comes from many places and I am living proof of it.

Your walk is that of great strength and wisdom.

The journey is the beginning of something far greater than the world could ever know.

Walk all the way into the journey of self-discovery and peace.

Smile for every day you awake and begin on the journey.

Your walk is just that it is your walk and no one can take it from you nor can they come with you.

Your walk and journey are meant for you and those around you journey are just for them. lead each other with both grace and purpose and change the world.