Content(Are you content?

In a state of peaceful happiness.

Let me start by saying for most people that is a feeling of bliss.

I however am not feeling that at the moment. I have lost someone who was my biggest support and cheerleader.

So the pain is still fresh and I'm trying to be content but I don't feel any peace.

My life has been turned upside down and I'm trying to find my way back.

Content is a feeling of happiness and peace.

I want to find it again so what I need to do is move into my power and be what God is ordering my steps to be.

Are you content in just doing the same thing every day or are you willing to do what it takes to find your happiness and peace?

Content in being the shining star I want and need to be, the person my aunt saw me to be.

Writing on this blog and creating plays has helped me be content.

Find your shining star in being content and let it shine so bright the world can see it from the heavens.