What do you owe?

This question has been on my mind all weekend.

What you owe anyone is the fundamental part of the question.

I have been close to certain family members my whole life, but as time has passed the gap in those relationships has gotten wider.

I owe none of them anything because when they needed me I was there. 

What do you owe anyone after a relationship is over?

As you grow within yourself move on in the time and space. at the end of it all, you owe no one anything.

What you owe yourself is love and respect for the steps you have made in your life.

I believe that people will help you with the lessons you are meant to learn.

What you owe is nothing that you can't pay back whatever that may be.

Trust me when I say " You owe nothing to anyone who does not bring you joy and or peace.

What do you owe?

ask yourself this question and then write down what you think you owe, yourself or others.

When you see what the answer is you will see you will realize, you owe no one anything.

Have faith in knowing you are more than what you have been through and much stronger for it.