Black  Mothers

 How many more mothers have to lose their sons to unwarranted violence from those who are to protect and serve?

I am truly tired of seeing so many young men and women who are dying it is too much for me to bear.

This country and all the communities in it should stop matching and start checking these so-called systems that are meant to protect not just us but the communities that they are intended to serve.

I am so tired of having to see so many mothers have to bury their children, there has to be a better way to check mental sanity before you give someone a badge and a gun.

I don't give a damn what color they are we need to be aware of who we have in our communities.

There was a young man in Memphis Tennessee who was stopped for a simple traffic stop and he was beaten and in the hospital for three days before he left this world.

All this senseless violence by five police officers who are the same color, and for what purpose did this young man lose his life? Were these men so angry and hateful against this man? 

We need laws to protect so many innocent people from dying at the hands of the police.

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of watching the news and seeing so many lives lost, can we find a way to stop so much hurt and pain and so many weeping mothers?

I have nephews and a brother and I am scared for them daily, the conversation being had in so many black households is how to act when you're in police presents.

This has to end we need to find a way to protect our young men and women from such senseless violence.

I don't want to see another mother on tv crying over the loss of her son or daughter because,Black Mother at the end of the day, Our black lives really matter.