Balance(how to find it)

Balance has two meanings and even distribuation of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

stability of one's mind or feelings the way to some peace and personal balance.

I have to go with the second meaning because many of us try to balance it all and somehow forget that we have to also stay balanced.

So people give up so much just to try and save someone else and keep them in balance we forget to balance ourselves.

Each part of our lives need some form of balance from career, home, and family.

How can we fix the inbalance in our life.

We start by find time to ourselves to reflect and find that peace and personal balance life gets hard and can throw us off daily but we have to find a place of balance to maintain our peace and is some ways our joy.

even if we fall all is lost Stand tall and regain the balance so you can have a better understanding of doing this thing called life.

I feel off balance a lot here lately because I'm helping a friend and having someone in your house can throw you off balance but I know that things will get better and my balance will be restored.

You are never alone when it comes to feelings of unbalance hold on and know that it will get so much better in the end. Live, love laugh daily to stay on balance.