(receive your joy)

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness from success, good fortune, or a sense of well-being.

As for the definition, I can relate to it in some way because I have experienced some of these things in the last three years or so. I have found the joy of just being alone to think and listen to my ancestors and the highest, I have found happiness within me to be a better a better me.

For success, it is coming soon but until then I will keep writing to inspire all those who read my blog and can relate to one or many of the things I discuss.

My peace comes from the fact that I have inspired people I haven't even met yet.

Joy for me is lasting and is a gift that no one should ever take for granted.

Joy is being blessed to wake up each day to start each day with the fact that through all that went wrong the day before

You woke up and start again to find joy in your many gifts or talents.

To bless the world with all that The highest has given you.

My final thought is this as you go out each day remember to receive your joy.