Head down( you can't see when its down).

 I was out taking a walk today and I noticed how we are so engrossed in our phones nowadays, we can't see what's in front of us or what's behind us.

Head is down all into the phone and I want to know when it started that we lost touch with life and the wonders in it.

Head down you can't see the blessing in front of you because you are spending so much time with your head down into Facebook, and instagram and any other social media nonsense.

I try to walk and enjoy the sights and sounds around me.

Today just showed me how disconnected we have become.

Head down we can miss a lot of the beauty in a great conversation or just the wonder of a great hug.

When your head is down you can't see anything . 

You need to look up sometimes and engage in the things around you. things that bought a smile to your face or that good laugh you and a friend had over coffee. all I am saying is we have to stop with the phones sometimes and stop walking with our heads down!