Time (We can't go back)
 As I reflect on the past month and a half at the loss of my dear aunt.

I have realized how much time has been wasted by all the hurt and pain of past and present.

Time is precious and should not be wasted because we don't know how much time we have left on this earth.

I must admit that I have wasted time being angry with certain family members because they in one way or another have or had hurt my aunt.

Now that she has gone to heaven I have to learn how to let it go and move on and stop wasting time when I can live my days out honoring my aunt's memory.

Time is something we can't get back so don't live in the hurt and pain, move forward to be better with your time.

Make a difference with all the things you have been given.

I have to let all the past go and move into the present.

My time means more to me now than ever before because the one person in the world to love and encourage me is gone, because she couldn't get us to be on one accord.

My advice is to stop wasting time live in the moment and cherish it day by day.

Time is something you can't get back to live in and be blessed daily.