(Reclaim your power)

To many times in life, we allow people some form of control. and I for one am speaking from experience.

It is no secret that I have talked about being in two abusive relationships.

These men had me scared of my own shadow and I was always looking for the subsequent beating, that was a form of power for me. I spent two years in one and another two years in the other until I reclaimed my power and took my life back.

Sometimes we are too afraid to look fear.in the face and say "You don't scare me anymore and I'm taking my power back.'

For many people that may be hard to do but I guarantee you that once you reclaim your power will be easy to walk away from that person or thing that you gave your power to.

You are stronger than anything you have been through, so stand up and walk in your power.

Slay the dragon and be blessed in walking in your newfound power.