Personal Sacrifice

 This topic has come to me because I am doing something to help a friend and my deceased son's father.

The personal sacrifice of having him stay with me while he gets back on his feet. He has been through a lot over three years and I have watched and supported him through his journey, He lost his friend three years ago he was her caregiver, she passed and he went through a great depression for a year and a half, which caused his health to get worst.

Personal sacrifice comes when we care about others well-being more than our own.

I have watched many of my friends give of themselves when taking care of sick loved ones, managing their own health failure because they are more worried about their loved ones than they're selves.

Personal Sacrifice comes along and we forget to look after ourselves because we're trying to be unselfish of those around us.

Forgetting about the fact that if we're not healthy we can't take care of anyone else.

I feel like we have to be able to know when personal sacrifice tries to over rational thought.

We can't help anyone if we can't first help ourselves.

So before you take on more than you can take, remember what personal sacrifice can do to change the course of your life and thoughts.

Personal Sacrifice can also help you pick up a friend when they are down and begin to get them back on the right track to a better life.

Personal Sacrifice has it has its own reward I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it shines bright on us who give personal sacrifice to help those we love and watch the miracle come to life.

So keep doing what you need to do for those you love, but don't forget to take care of yourself as well.