Jan. 1, 2022


We have now entered into a new year and in away also entered into a new sense of spirit.

hopefully you have not bought the people from 2021 into 2022, you know the ones I mean.

the ones that were not supportive or encouraging when sharing your dreams or goals for the year or just in general, I learned in 2021 you can't share with everyone what you have set for yourself.

Those who have been there through all your ups and downs will still be there pushing you, encouraging you, supporting you without judgement nor will they ever point fingers

I have a renewed spirit for 2022 that I will no longer complain because despite what I maybe going through I keep a smile and move forward to do and be better.

I will no longer take things or people for granted because friendships true friendships are hard to keep.

I will be a better friend, a better sister, better niece etc, I know that I have the power to hold on to my faith and be who I was meant by the Father to be.

So for those of us who want to move into our defined purpose keep pushing forward

and be your best in the new year!!

Live, laugh, love!!