Jan. 5, 2022


The many wonders of the word love.

I feel like since the age of nineteen I knew what I thought it was.

Around that time, I was in a relationship with someone who was to say the least abusive.

I was afraid to leave my apartment he had me so scared, so the first time he hit me I played it off. but then the abuse got worse but by the grace of God I got out but it's easier said than done. I saw my mother go through it for years and she stayed for love.

I have been in several relationships since then and always thought I was in love.

what I was lacking was self-love, years were spent with me trying to be loved by family and in relationships always feeling less than or not even seen at all.

Love is for us to embrace who we are and love every part inside and outside.

last year I took a big step and started therapy because when I looked in the mirror the woman, I saw I no longer liked or loved. through the process I learned that I have to love me, see me before anyone else can, amazing how stepping back sometimes can make you look at things differently. I love me no matter if anyone else does, I believe in me despite if others do or not. I have faith in the father that my purpose in this life is to live, laugh, and love.

be the best we can be and love whole Heartly and with meaning and purpose.

That's what love true and unconditional love means to me.