Jan. 18, 2022


Call me old fashion or an old romantic.

Since when did a woman have to chase after or ask a man to marry her?

I was raised by my grandparents who for all my life were not perfect but to me seemed perfect in love.

I have been in a few relationships in my life some good some bad.

My grandfather was a gentleman who opened doors and pulled out the chair for my grandmother to seat down. my grandmother fussed to make him dress up to go out she loved Clint Eastwood movies, so whenever one came out, they would get dressed and go.

There have only been two men in my life that has taken the time to take me on a date.

Well, this is my seasoning to regain the chivalry in any relationship that God has planned for me this year, no more booty calls I know my worth, no more I love you but never show emotion. I want men to go back to the days of opening doors, pulling out chairs, showing us appreciation as we show them the same appreciation by doing what we need to do to support and love them as well!!

than after everyone got comfortable it stopped.

Ladies so is chivalry truly dead?