Jan. 23, 2022


I was sitting wondering the age-old question are we lost?

with everything that has been going on in the last two years of this pandemic.

we have seen more deaths, crime and other things in this big old mess.

are we lost in all this madness that we can't see the good in others let alone in ourselves?

Has this whole been in each other's company so long got us to the point we can see the joy in life despite the storm we are going through?

the government can't seem to get along so how in the world are we.

Are we lost in knowing what human kindness is?

I was taught we as human are led by example yet there is no good example to be led by.

I sit and think that in the beginning the pandemic was pretty much bringing some people closer together, than the divorce rate pretty much went up.

It was like being around each other was driving everyone crazy.

I have spent these last two years pretty much by myself pretty much because of the Rona and reasons beyond my control. I learned to love me more and to respect myself and others more than before.

So, with this going on almost three years I wonder are we lost to what it is to be free?

Or are we just that naive to what life is truly met to be?

I want us to return to a somewhat normal life filled with love, compassion, understanding and joy. so once again America are we lost?