Jan. 30, 2022


My burning question for today is where your relationships stand?

I have experienced more relationships from personal, professional and one thing I got from each was how tell the difference between the real and the fake.

In professional relationships my grandfather use to say," a man who has a firm handshake is a man to be trusted." I held on to that fact through my job searches in my young adult life.

But how do you know if your friends are genuine words alone can't just be the base of it.

I have had friends in my life who will smile in your face and once you turn your back you are the subject of being topic of conversation. had men tell me they love me but once comfortable in the relationship are nothing more than bed buddies, who needs to be a person who feels abandoned or rejected in any relationship.

example of feeling rejection.

I have been in if you want to call it a relationship with someone off and on for 10 years.

I am 52yrs young and after therapy for two years I have learned my worth.

we met on a dating website, and it was not my idea I joined because a friend of mine met her husband on the site. so, I took a chance and at first, I was over it in the first few months. One day in January I got a message the name was old school 40, well it was interesting to me, so I responded. well, we got to talking and the rest as they say was history. fast forward to today and we have been on a roll coaster ride ever since.

My things are for 10 years I have tried to be in a long-distance relationship don't get me wrong I am no angel, but how can one person keep a relationship going when the other is not even trying. I feel like I have been in a fake relationship with someone in the beginning was really into me but so much time has passed that he's not anymore, I still love him, so I try to hold on yet at what cost. life is too short to keep chase someone who does not

return your affection. anyway, I need to be able to live in love, and laughter.