Feb. 27, 2022


The beginning of 2022 has started off a bit strange for many.

I have been having a few epiphanies since the new year.

and in coming into my spiritual awaking, I've found a since of joy. a joy one I didn't know I needed and second didn't know I even lost.

Amazing of what you can learn about yourself when you have to spend a lot of time alone.

to reflect on your journey of self-discovery and I must say the fears I had felt and let hold me back are now gone, because I have discovered the joy I was missing. Joy is that sense of peace you find when you let go of the things and the people who were holding you back, therefore blocking you from your blessings or true purpose. or you were blocking your own blessings out of fear. I found my joy because I let those things and people go!! I ask all who read my blog to take a few minutes and ask yourself, have you found your joy? live, love, laugh until next time.