Mar. 9, 2022

It's time

I have been on an awaking so to speak this year and so far, it has been a blessing.

I am finding out things about myself that I was no paying attention too. I was existing not living, God made things happen to me to get my attention, being the stubborn person, did not see in me what the Father God has always seen.

I am intelligent and unique in my own way. He told me it's time to move into my season.

stop living for others approval and do what he is order my steps to do.

be patient and keep putting in the work to move as a playwright and podcaster.

it's time to start with the self-love and waiting on others to love you, until I truly love myself completely no one else will.

I have found my power again and will never let anyone take it from me.

So, ladies it's time to move into your season of love life and laughter.

do you and remember it is your season.