Mar. 18, 2022


I know that it has been a while since I have sat down and written anything but here's why.

a couple of weeks ago I was chatting with an ex-boyfriend whom I still have a friendship with. anyway, we were talking about the past and the subject of him wanting me back came up. first and foremost, I am not interested in going back because the whole year of our relationship he cheated on me, but instead of being an adult about the wrong you want to blame someone else for your mistakes.

the crazy part is a week later which was last weekend he calls again about a totally different subject but gets back on us, which there is no us nor will there ever be. once I'm done, I am done. So,

he becomes childish and after didn't get the answer he wanted he in his drunkenness he hangs up and once that happened, he was blocked.

I am 52 years old and my ideas about relationships have totally changed.

so don't try to play with someone's intelligent because you can't admit to the wrong you may have done in the demise of your relationship.

I want a true and unconditional love and relationship; I want to be with someone who sees the value in me as a person, lover, and friend. I might be old fashion, but I deserve to be courted. I wasted to much of my adult life confusing love and sex. relationships should be built on trust and an understanding of who we are as individuals and grow as a couple.

one thing I can say about me is that we I am wrong I can admit to my wrong and learn and grow from it. so, my point is never settling or go back to anything or anyone that doesn't serve you or your greater purpose!!!