Apr. 2, 2022


I was sitting and thinking what it takes to make me smile.

not much when I truly thought about but enough to give me the motivation to keep growing and glowing in my purpose. the things that make me smile the most is being able to make my aunt laugh and smile, to be able to wake up each day makes me smile.

Life is not promised to any of us but by God's grace we live to be all that he wants us to be.

I know that I smile to bring joy into someone else day. I often wonder what makes others smile. With all the things that have taken place these last two years, we have a reason to smile because we are still here to bring happiness and joy to those we love and care for.

Once again, a reason to smile. I smile when I am happy, I smile when I am sad.

So, no matter what we go through just remember to smile. live, love, laugh and smile!!!