Apr. 27, 2022


Let me start from the beginning I have entered one of my plays in several playwright contest.

so many at this point I have truly lost count and today I have received another rejection email.

How I deal with the rejection now is totally different from the way I dealt with it say 10 years ago. then I would get angry and stop writing for six months to a year. thinking I wasn't good enough. hell, if Oprah and Tyler Perry rejected me than I must not be that good at all.

I have a different look at it know I know I am gifted with the ability to create stage plays from my personal experience in life and in love, I believe that what one person doesn't see in my work someone else will.

I spent half of my life giving up on me and I cannot and will not give up on me and my dream of being a full-time playwright and motivational speaker.

we can all learn and grow from each other's experiences in this world.

My plays are very relatable someone has gone through what I and many others have.

I always say if I can reach one or two with my plays i am living in my God giving purpose.

So as for me now rejection is my motivation to keep moving because my gift is from God and one day soon others will see it too.