Apr. 29, 2022


These past two years of my life have been to say the least interesting at best.

I have found myself within it, I was so at loss of self that I was willing to accept everything and anyone for the attention to be loved and wanted.

then there was me making the first step of regain who I was before I became comfortable in

I started therapy of 2020 after a tragic experience and started to let go of a lot of hurt and regret. at my first session I was so emotional I cried for days after. amazed at how much I held on to because |I felt it was my fault.

my mess.

I learned that each thing I have been through is a testimony of mt strength and ability to be an example of what victory looks like.

that in itself is my transformation of finally figuring out who I am and the person that God is ordering my steps to be. it was hard in the beginning because as a human being I didn't want to change, but slowly but surely, I got to transform into a person I can now look in the mirror and say with truth I love you and not want to look away from myself.

transformation must happen in order to be free and let go of the past and regain who you growing to be. I am so proud of my transformation for I know without love of self no one can love until you are free to love all of who you are. so, impress the transformation.

Everything in life is worth the fight if you are willing to transform into the best of who you are.