May. 5, 2022


I have always been an emotional person when it comes to people I love and care.

so, when a person I love passes on it has a serious effect on me. my grief journey started in 1999 with my grandmother than four years later I lost my grandfather. these were the two people who raised me, so me not being able to pick up phone to call sent me into a depression but like most of us we smile our way through even though we're dying inside.

I once again put on a brave face all the while hurting so much all I could do was cry and grieve.

for a few years I stopped writing I mean why keep writing when the two biggest supporters are gone. than in 2006 my biological grandmother passed and at this point for me my life was over. everyone who meant something to me was gone, not to mention my brother was shot and killed the same year.

All I heard people tell me and my family was "it will get better with time. And the truth is it does not. you learn to move on, but you never stop thinking about the people who mean the world to you. so, my way of dealing and coping with grief is to try my best to live my life and do what I can to honor those I have lost. which is why I continue to keep writing and sharing my stories because you never know who maybe going through the same, they need to know they are not alone.