May. 17, 2022


My whole life I have lived it being afraid of what I was capable of because of rejection, self-doubt and other people's opinions of me. so much time being spent trying to fit into what others wanted me to be. losing myself in other's mind set.

Amazing how we feel that in life we have to live up to other people standards of who we are and yet keep on being this person we no longer love and or like.

that was me always trying to please others and never really liking who I was becoming despite, always listening to folks say your writing is good but the subject is not what we're looking for. my favorite is can you change the subject to something else.

the positive possibilities of being the writer and playwright I have dreamed my whole life of being.

My biggest fear in my life has always been the positive possibilities of someone seeing in me what I was too afraid to see in me.

how is it that after all this time I finally got to the point in my life that I am more than ready for just that. the possibilities of finally seeing my plays performed on stage and walking across that stage to give my testimony of my journey to get to this point.

I have always believed in me but had so many people in my head that I was afraid to even try again, who wants to be rejected? this journey that I have been on this past year and a half has taught me. never give up or give in to your dreams no matter how long it takes. so I keep hustling because I believe in the possibilities.