May. 21, 2022

the Will

This has been on my mind for a couple of days.

will is a strong thing to have.

I referring to the thing that gets you up in the morning and thing that lets you sleep at night.

I am not talking about the thing you leave for your loves one in your finally wishes.

the will to keep moving forward no matter how hard it gets, not how many times you've been turned down. the will to keep pursuing your dreams and the will to keep raising your children, feed your family.

My will is to keep writing and let others know our work is not done because we are blessed with the will to keep pressing forward.

the will to not be afraid and to love and live out the life that the Most high blesses you with each and every day.

the will to release all the self-doubt and self-hate to know you are stronger than anything you have ever gone through.

the will is so strong in me right now to the point I try to be consented in my blog because if one person can read it and see themselves or what they are going through because I went of what I went through and survived than they should know that so can they.

The will is also powerful because it helps you learn and grow into yourself worth.

Will can be a very Noble able thing as well as it can humble you to be your best.

My will for life has come a long way, the purpose of starting this blog in the beginning was for my own personal healing and self -discovery. but at this point it has become so much more, it has been my peace and in some ways my testimony and calling.

so never let anyone take away your will of being all that the most high wants you to be.

my goal and plan for my blog is to reach others and share my life and the lessons that come with being the creative mind that the father is ordering my steps for me to be.