May. 24, 2022

Black or White

" It's one thing about my baby it doesn't matter if it's black or white." in the words of one of my favorite artist Michael Jackson, this topic came to me today and I really don't like getting into this much. all that has happened the past two years make me question is it truly black or white, we as a people have been through more than most and so have those before us.

I remember being a little girl listening to my grandfather tell stories about going up in the segregated south he was born in 1912 so you can image what happened.

I was taught that hate is a learned behavior no child black or white is born to hate the other it is taught to hate. this country was built on our ancestors' blood, sweat, and tears. along with a host of other cultures as well torn form their homelands, deceived of what they were born on. and yet to this day it is still in our faces now more than ever.

He raised us to stand up for ourselves and others, the stories of marching with the freedom fighters and then to be treated as if they we're less than human. I have seen this world come together in one moment and after the moment has passed. We are back to being a color not a human being. Do all we see in this world is our color and not the human being behind it.

Man should never hurt another man who is his brother no matter what color the skin.

We as black people have been hunted since the beginning of slavery until now with the police brutality and us making it even easier by killing one other. since when we become the very thing we're in the beginning fighting against.

Mothers are starting to bury their children, as wives are burying their husbands.

We need to make a world where we only see the heart and soul of being human beings with love, understanding and peace. but it must first start with not just seeing black or white.

We have to live in a world with rules that were never intended for us, yet our ancestors paved the way for us to live our life by being educated and learning how to take care of ourselves by any means necessary, in the words of our brother Malcolm. to have a dream like Dr. King spoke about. yet we find a way to destroy a legacy by feeding to the stereotypes that they believe to be true.