May. 28, 2022


I have had many of thoughts on this word lately and I feel that in the beginning for me I was jaded on what love was. My grandparents were my first example of the word, but I found out that they didn't get together by the right means, than there was my mother and stepfather relationship which was violent at times then they would use sex to make up. as for me I learned this pass year that I may have thought I was in love in most of my relationships, but I wasn't in love I was in love with the thought of being in love. what I mean is this a relationship starts out in the honeymoon stage everything is good and new, then after a few years it gets old and all the new is gone.

I was maybe in love for a year or two before I realized how much this person or even me didn't know each other.

We also use sex as a means of love as a way to bond our souls to become soulmates.

this was a mistake for me as well because I confused sex with being a part of love and it is not. it helps if you know how to love you first the rest will fall into place.

all my relationships I was the one who would give of myself and still feel lost in it, going through the motion hoping they would love me back, but how when I didn't love myself.

This year I have learned that in order to truly love someone you must love yourself first, and for me it took me a while to get to the point where now, I can look in the mirror and say I love you and not look away or look down, because when I tell me I love you it's because I mean it. hear a lot of people saying that they love hard. my question is how can you love hard? what does it take to love hard?

I have had relationships that I thought would last but they only lasted a few years, my longest relationship was seven years, and I can say this person I truly loved but our age difference was the downfall. It took me a few years to get over him and, in the end, I made a fool out of myself in doing so.

I can only see it being an expression to say.

Love is something that I believe we say a little too freely for me you have to be able to express love not just say you love someone or something.

love is a form of action not just mere words, we in the world need love to keep it going.

So do what you need to do to love self so you can show pure and unconditional love to someone else.

to show just how much we can love unconditional and show pure and genuine love to ourselves and one other. for me I feel that now is the time to do some self-love and self-care things to get to reintroduce yourself with how to love again. My grandmother use to say" you can tell a person you love them all day long but actions speak louder than words."