May. 28, 2022


I woke up this morning with this thought how good are you or I in communication.

me personally I try my best to commutated with those around me. I do fall short of being able to communicate my feelings because I try to spare others feeling until in a therapy session my therapist told me it was unhealthy to suppress my feelings for others when they were not doing the same for me.

funny how we sometimes refuse to communicate for fear of the other person's feeling or even our own feelings. relationship for example need 100% of communication because without it how can the two people learn and grow into something better.

I believe that for me that has been my biggest obstacle in my relationships I held my tongue so many times to spare their feelings and, in the end, it was a mistake on my part.

Life will always be hard if as a couple in a real relationship there is no communication on both parts, which is why to this day I am single because I love to talk and communicate with the person, I'm with but if that becomes one sided it best to be alone and learn and grow myself to be prepared for the one God sends me who can give of themselves in the way I give of myself. Always know how to communicate in your relationships with family, friends, or that special someone. you never know when there is something important that needs to be said and it goes unsaid. keep living, laughing, and loving.

My in relationships I'm learning how I always it's been me giving of myself and reaching out to being rejected an or ignored and a real lack of communication all around because once a person gets into their feelings, we as human beings shut down completely. I myself am guilty because I feel like once I fell hurt, I build up a wall because why keep the wall down to be hurt by a person's lack of communication or their lack of concern on how what they are doing is affecting you. I have been to the point where I have cut people off because of their lack of communication with me. We are meant to be able to express ourselves through the verbal communication, yet even as we get older it for some becomes hard to do. but we expect people whom we have relationships with to stay and deal or they are the ones who try to keep the lines of communication open, is it really far to them or even to you? I personally believe the answer to that question is no.