Jun. 3, 2022


This is has been on my mind for awhile why do people get married but not for the sake of love.

I have had couples tell me they are together for convenience or because they wanted to have a companion to live out the rest of their days. I personally have always wanted to be married but to also be in love with the person I stan be for God to profess my love to and for.

what I am coming to understand that this world wants you to live what society calls the American dream white picket fence, the husband and the children but what if that never comes for us. I have been in relationships I thought would last and lead me down the aisle and yet it never happened for me and or a few of my friends. I should not have to settle for anyone who is not on the same level as me. old folks use to say that if you weren't married by your thirties, you were an old maid. well, I guess I am an old maid because I will be fifty -three in 5 days. I feel that you should really be in love with each other to stand before family and friends and take vows to share a life together. does marriage have the same meaning for us as it did for our parents and grandparents? or has shacking up become the new thing to do because it's easier to walk away when things fall apart.

be careful what you ask for when it's to a commitment from your partner and be sure you both go into a relationship with your eyes wide open and honest up front on what it is you want from each other. never settle for less than what you are worth in marriage or in your relationship.