Jun. 23, 2022


It amazes me daily how when someone passes away how quickly we begin to act a fool and show our true colors. My cousin just lost his father at the beginning of the month, and of course family members he hasn't seen in years are back and with their two cents on his life and wife. the thing is these folks weren't around when he was struggle watching his father die but once he left this world they have a lot to say. I watched the same thing happen at my grandmother funeral folks that were never there or called show up and out but never did they give my grandmother her flowers while she was here. It makes no sense to me how you can show up to save face after someone leaves this world.

My family is living proof as am sure many families are, the fact is it should never be that way at all, you don't get to come in when the hard part is done nor do you have an opinion of someone else's life when in all honesty you haven't been there to support or encourage. so for those who want to try to make it right after the fact my advice tell your family how you feel before it's to late. the thing that people forget sometimes is physical wounds heal, words hurt more because once they come out your mouth you can't take them back. give your love ones their flowers while they are still able to smell them.