Jun. 27, 2022

Spiritual awakening

These past two years have been one of great thought and many epiphanies of my spiritual awaking. I was born into a family of Baptist Christians and being young didn't quite understand it, even as a young adult I did things in the church because I thought that was what was expected of me, choir and usher board. it wasn't until my early twenties I kind of understood the meaning but was never truly happy in the church. so in the last five years, I have studied many other avenues of the faith from Buddhism and the word and meditation and universal take on religion. I still believe in the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost, I just also do a few nontraditional ways to get on the spiritual plane that I'm looking for. as a Christian, you will and do lose faith because you are only human. and for two years the Father was trying to get my attention because he knew I was not happy with the way my life was going. then something happen that I tried to ignore but he started coming to me in dreams, and even though I didn't want to face what was being shown to me, I finally realized that what I was going through was not what he or the universe wanted for me or my life. I have a gift that for years I was too afraid to share because I thought I was not good enough because of the many rejection letters over the years.

I started to meditate for about 20 minutes a day then I started putting positive affirmations around my house and in my room, and things began to change for me. no more negative thoughts or dealing with people who had a negative effect on me.

I see myself as the beautiful being and creative being the my father wants me to be.

so what if people don't know my name right now oh but they will and soon.

I have faith the size of a mustard seed, and God is working miracles for me and my family and friends daily. So for those that feel lost and alone do me a favor whatever you believe go to that and begin to pray and see how it changes you and your thought process. the Bible says that prayer changes things and that it does I am living proof.

for every time I wanted to give up I got some sort of sign to keep pushing forward, I have come into my spiritual awaking and I must say it has been a joy and privilege to receive. and this is why I keep on writing because this blog has become my ministry.