Jul. 4, 2022


For the love of money is a great way to start this off.

I had this topic on my mind all day because it has occurred to me how we as human beings have this fixation with money, the saying goes make money don't let the money make you. I mean we do need money to live but do we need all the name brand things we purchase? I feel like in the words of Madonna we have become more materialist as the years pass us by. I come from a family who struggled but as children, we didn't know that my grandparents did not have. we just knew that what we wanted may have taken us a while to get it but we got it. now it's like this new generation expects things to be handed to them and not have to work for it. I was raised to hustle for what we wanted, as my grandmother used to say"money doesn't grow on trees."

celebrities have made it a trend to have all these expensive things like cars, jewelry, and popping bottles in the club. what happens to saving or investing in our communities or stocks. I feel in my personal opinion these days we have become somewhat materialist, but we all know what the saying is about opinions we all have one lol. I just will never understand how the world can put so much into money more than they put into humanity. How so many rich folks have made even rich people poor because of greed. to make more money at someone else's expense. I suppose that is just the world we live in. I want to live a comfortable financial life, not one of greed or sadness for having all the money in the world, but be lonely because of it! we need to be able to money but for money not to have us in such a hold makes us greedy with the power of money. so once again make the money don't let the money make you.

I have never been the type to follow what others do or see something someone else has and then want it, I spend my money on things I need to survive in this economy, and sometimes I have money to do something I want to do for enjoyment. I have never just wanted to waste money on something I would wear once or twice and then it seats.