Jul. 10, 2022

Black sheep

I have always felt that I was born into the wrong family.

I was the one at the age of sixteen sent to go live with my mother and stepfather.

things that I was never allowed to do when I was living with my grandparents now my cousins were allowed to do. I was treated differently because later as I got older I learned I had a biological grandmother and the woman I knew was my stepgrandmother.

I was my grandfather's granddaughter, which made me feel like the black sheep of the family. My biological uncle would come to town and treat me like an outcast or stranger, which also made me feel alone and lost in a family who claimed to love me. yet in my personal opinion never truly saw me. You see I was the bad seed when I lived with my grandparents and was always in trouble for something or another. My grandmother once put me outside in the cold until my grandfather got home because I got suspended from school, my aunt came to rescue me, and once again I was sent to my room feeling like a black sheep once again. so when you're in a family where you feel invisible you will do anything to get attention no matter what the attention.

I tell these stories to you because I want to help people know that you're not alone.

I am not a victim I am a victor, even though I always felt like I didn't belong in the blended family I was born into. I was loved even though in my young years and teenage years I felt I wasn't as I look back on it I really was loved. I was just too angry to see that in the end, I made myself the black sheep. so always remember to be seen and heard in your family and all your relationships.