Jul. 13, 2022

Soul Ties

I have heard since I was a young girl who would ear hustle on my grandmother's conversations. there is a thing the old folks and spiritual goddesses call soul ties. what that means is to be in a sexual relationship with someone and you each leave a little of your soul to each other, if you are one who has more than one partner it passes on to the next. I never understood it until I started having relations.

(in my granny Klump voice)

I have been in what I thought were some serious relationships which is why when I got serious I made that person wait at least three months before we became intimate and at the time I thought wow this person is really into me if their willing to wait I use to hear a lot from guys when I was younger a man has needs, but what I later learned in life is how quickly we can act a fool after we have been intimate with someone. I had a stalker once because we broke up and the sex stopped. I came home from work one day and he was in the bushes in front of my apartment asking me to take him back.

of course, I played it off like she didn't say a word, but after I got home I called my grandma and asked her friend what it meant. she told me baby when you lay down with a man it's like giving your sexual power to another and as you do you each leave a part of your soul with the other. I was shocked, to say the least, but it also made me question why we as human beings act a fool after sex and after a breakup when you know the sex will stop. but we try our best to go back if it's good. I myself am guilty of that, I know I was a wild one in my day but I was told when you're with your man to please him so he won't have a reason to cheat. let's just say my sex wasn't really that hot because I have been cheated on a lot, not to say I didn't do my share after the fact to get back at who cheated on me. giving of yourself to someone should be a privilege shared with your soulmate or husband and or wife. leaving a piece of your soul to someone who only sees you as a means of getting their jollies off well let say it's not worth the shame or the blame that comes with it, once again speaking from experience I have given a piece of me to people I loved and I have even given pieces of me that were taken from me. you can not get back any of it but you can make sure you love and value your body and spirit enough to wait on God to send you who you are meant to share that soul tie with if you believe in that sort of thing, as being of the Christian faith I kind of do because we were taught to wait until marriage to give our body away to our husbands. for me it has not happened yet and for the past two years I have been celibate in part by choice and also by force, what I mean is this I learned the true value of my worth why at my age keep being someone's booty call and not their wife or even woman. it is amazing about all I have learned and grown from this past year. so the next time you feel the urge to have relations ask yourself this question are you willing to give up a soul tie for one night of pleasure or can you hold out for your soulmate?

I have a friend that reads tarot cards so I asked her for a reading before she even started she made the comment you have a very strong power between your legs.