Jul. 16, 2022

Live life

For the first time in two years tonight, I decided to go out.

in a previse post on my blog, I talked about being in a dark place to the point I thought about hurting myself. it's hard to be a caregiver because when you do you take care of that person to the point you forget about yourself and the person you were before you started taking care of the other person, once that person passes away a part of you does as well. not that you at this point even remember the person you were before.

I lost a very close friend to me who was with me for five and half years and when he passed last September a large part of me died too, I forgot who I was before he came back into my life and now I'm trying to find the fun-loving person I was before.

It is a journey, to say the least, but like all things in life I am a work in progress, but slowly but surely I will find that person who could light up a room and get the party started and dance the night away. my advice to any caregiver out there starts living your life, even if it's a few minutes a day in a room by yourself. because sometimes you need a few minutes just to breathe and be quiet. caring for someone will take its toll on you if you're not careful. so start to live life to the fullest because in the end you only get one. there are no do-overs peace and blesses.