Jul. 17, 2022


Throughout history, there have always been stories of slaying the giant from Jack and the beanstalk to even in the bible of David slaying Goliath.

so because of that, I came up with this title because it had me thinking about the metaphorical giants I had to slay and I can say that my leading giant to kill was the giant of fear, I have been afraid of being successful in this writing thing for so long that it took me ten years to self-publish my books of poetry. the second giant I had to overcome was the giant of self -doubt, I was the type of person who would believe that what said about me and my talent was true. without them even seeing my work so I thought it was facts so I would doubt my abilities based on others. rejection can be a hard pill to shallow when outsiders are the judge and jury of you gifts or talents. so those giants of doubt and fear can creep in and try to destory you, but only if you allow them to do so. giants can be conquered if you have trust and faith in you and all you are. no one can defeat your metaphorical giants but you and you alone.

I have it in me to keep writing and telling my stories through my blog because this is my ministry to help those who feel that there is nothing left for them to do in this life. I am here to tell you that no matter how old you get or how long it takes, you can and will conquer your giant because I'm living proof it can be done. I Carolyn Renee' Dye have defeated all my giants and here I stand stronger because of it.