Jul. 27, 2022


I only write there is something on my mind and this right here has been a throne in my side all day.

The O'jays have a song called backstabbers the line goes they smile in your face but all the while they study backstabbing, for me, this has so much meaning in more ways than one. I have had friends come and go in my life and there are what I call my ride or die.

those are the friends that will tell me the truth whether I want to hear it or not, when I was struggling my friends were there to help me pick up the pieces and move forward, then there were the so-called friends who were there for me when things were going well for me and then when I was going through a hard time here they were on the side talking about me and my business behind my back. here's a story time for you when I was in my early 20s I moved from downtown and I left everything except my bed, I had a friend( or least I thought) come to my new apartment with a car full of his family.

I look out and open the door to let them in and what do you know he is speakless why you may asked? because my apartment was fully furnished. later I learned from another friend about a week later that I was everything bit a child of God when he was telling anyone who listen, " yeh her dumb ass left and ain't got no furniture in he apartment." the reason I left the old things behind because that was my past and I was starting over. moral of the story is this everyone who says that their your friend truly is not. a friend will pick you up, encourage you, dry every tear when you need them.

and will let nothing or no one play you for a fool or keep you down so that they can feel better about thmselves. friends are your motivation to keep your hopes and dreams alive and be right there with you when they come to pass.

Friends are few and far between but when you have true and lasting friendships hold on to it, rare is it ever that your ride or die friends will ever let you down or abandon you. so tell your friends how much you appreciate and love them for always stand by you no matter what dumb thing you may do or say. ride or die friendships are genuine and for that you must respect and hold on to every person who has been there for you through it all.