Jul. 31, 2022

Keep moving

This topic I having been seeing for two days in different things that I do or seen.

and it reminded me that no matter how bad it gets to keep moving.

I have had a rough few weeks after my birthday last month to the point of wanting to harm myself( like I have said before I have been suicidal since age 16.) and because I was so in my head a few weeks ago the thought crossed my mind. but in the end I am stronger then that and know that my work on this earth is not done, which means I have to keep moving no matter what, and know that I have to stop thinking so much. I have a very good and strong support group yet sometimes I don't want to burden them with what I'm going through because who's to say they're not going through something as well. I know I can reach out to them just like they can reach out to me but I also know we all have to keep moving, no matter how hard it may seem this to shall pass.

I know we can all be overwhelmed by life, we wake up every day to try it over to get it right and we fall short sure but we keep moving despite it. we learn to pray and have faith it will get better and keep moving forward. so no matter how you may be feeling or what you're going through know you have to keep moving no matter how hard it gets, because there is someone out. there that needs you to be their rock and strength to help them to keep moving forward you never know who you might be meant to save, with words of encouragement, or just a few minutes of your time or even a prayer, remember you have to keep moving no matter how hard it gets, just get up and keep moving.