Aug. 11, 2022


This blog has helped me do something that I was afraid to do and that was to be open enough to heal my past wounds and no longer live in them.

courage is to take the time to realize that I am more than my body, I have a brain and I began to use it to heal. courage is knowing that sometimes family is not always of blood I have some wonderful friends in my life who have helped me through a very rough two years of loss and waking. courage is to come to terms with being able to look one's self in the mirror and know that the person looking back at you deserves love and understanding of self before she can allow the wall of protection she has built to come down. courage is to try to open your mind and heart to find love again, let me repeat that courage is to try to open your mind and heart to find love again not to chase after things or people who don't serve a greater good or positive vibe in your world.

courage is all I can say that I am, the definition of the word means the ability to do something that frightens one. and for me it is true to its meaning, I was frightened to share my life and experiences of being judged, courage was to admit to myself that I have been in a twelve-year long-distance sexual relationship due to the fact I had made up a whole fantasy of being married to someone who only saw me as a sexual plaything, and I take responsibility for my part in it because in my mind sex was love.

courage is to know how far you have come and how many people you have helped through their journey by sharing your life experiences. I was living in fear for so long that nothing good was happening to me for holding on to way too many things like guilt, doubt, low self-esteem, and even self-hate. but the courage and faith I have been so strong that it helps me pick up the pieces and do this blog. I said this so much I'm starting to sound like a broken record I was broke but I am not broken. courage healed me, courage saved me, and courage made me who I am today.

Never give up on yourself even when the rest of the world will have the courage to keep moving in the way that God is willing your steps for you to go.