Aug. 15, 2022


As children, we had bedtime stories or fairytales that were read to us.

I was so into them because in my heart they would come true.

i knew I would find my prince or night in shining armor, but as you get older you realize it was made up to keep us quiet or for us to use our imagation. I believed in the possibility of finding my prince charming but all I got or found in my adult life for the most part were frogs more than the prince, and when and if I was lucky enough to find a prince I would mess it up and run from him. only to run into the forest and meet a wolf in sheep's clothing, my fairytales were beginning to turn in to nightmares. so after a while, you get to the point where you finally see it for what it was and that was a way for you to imagine life to be all rainbows and flowers. in the end, it is what you make it in your world or happy place.

fairytales were to be created for the benefit of having to use your imagination and in hopes that they could somehow come true as you got older. I was a big dreamer when I was younger and I thought that some of the fairytales I dreamed up would come true for me, and still, I dream those dreams daily and I am still here. hoping that I will walk across a stage after the end of my play being performed and I can say to the audience this was my fairytale come true to see my work come alive and to see people receive my message and walk away with some hope, faith, and trust in love and life. fairytales can come true no matter your age or the size of the dream, because fairytales are just that dreams that can come true if you believe them and manifest them. so always think about the fairytales of old and create fairytales or dreams of the here and now. DREAMS COME TRUE EVERYDAY.