Aug. 22, 2022

This skin

this title was of a poem I wrote two years ago.

This skin I'm in has been battered and bruised and yet I am still here.

this skin I'm in has been lied to and lied on and I have overcome more than most will ever go through. this skin I'm in has been beaten up and tossed aside by those who claimed to love me. and I keep moving forward because why keep living in the past when there is so much more I have yet to do in this skin I'm in? this skin I'm in has yet to find true love but I have not stopped believing in it or that it can happen to the best of us, we have to know it when we finally receive it. this skin I'm in has been able to love herself again without having to pretend to be something or someone she's not to be accepted by others.

this skin I'm in has covered me through loss, doubt, pain, and mistrust.

this skin I'm in has learned that despite all I've been through I am more than what people think of me, I am loved no matter what I've told myself in the past.

this skin I'm in is mine and I will continue to love her protect her and cherish her when the rest of the world won't. knowing who I am skin and flesh has been the greatest gift that the Creator of heaven and earth could have ever given me, and I am blessed to love this skin I'm in.